ProduktnameBiometra TProfessional Standard Thermocycler, Blocktype: Gradient 96, 070-851

Biometra TProfessional Standard Thermocycler, 

Blocktype: Gradient 96, 

Bestellnummer / order no.: 070-851


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The Biometra TProfessional Standard is a Thermocycler that is licensed for PCR applications (research use only)

and intended to be used for performing polymerase chain reactions. 

The development of the instruments was inspired by the wish to simplify molecular biology research. 

To reach this goal the instrument housing, lid and block were totally redesigned, providing so far unrealised speed and temperature uniformity. 

Innovative user software was developed, driven by Biometras 15 years experience in interface design. 

The result is an easy to use Thermocycler with excellent technical specifications. 


The TProfessional Standard Thermocycler offers five different block modules. 

To achieve ultimate performance the 96 well modules are made of silver. 

Due to its excellent heat conductivity silver equilibrates extremely quickly, thus providing maximum speed and temperature uniformity. 

To protect the valuable silver blocks against corrosion, the block surfaces are gold plated. 

The 96 well silver block module is designed for daily routine work and can be used with 0.2 ml tubes, strips or microplates. 

For rapid optimisation of new protocols, a 96 well Gradient version are available. 


The TProfessional Standard lid has been optimised to achieve two essential requirements: prevention of condensation and reliable contact between samples and thermoblock. 

The lid is powered by Biometras well know smart lid technology which automatically limits lid pressure to save tubes from damage. 

In addition, the new design of the High Performance Lid ensures an even temperature distribution between samples thus significantly improving temperature uniformity. 

With one press on the front button, the lid gently swings open and arrests in its end position. 


The TProfessional Standard user interface incorporates Biometras proven spreadsheetprogramming philosophy. 

Avoiding endless serial program windows, all steps of a program are entered in a single screen. 

This makes the creation of new or editing existing programs fast and easy. 

One touch leads from the spreadsheet to an alternative graphical programming mode. 

The TProfessional Standard manages up to 30 individual users (all password protected) and provides for a large program store. 


The elegant TProfessional Standard housing is designed for heavy use. 

Due to an optimised air stream design even higher efficiency and better temperature uniformity is achieved. 

The instrument works quietly and consumes little power, which in turn leads to low heat emission. 

The compact footprint saves valuable bench space. Keyboard and display have been set to an angle that ensures reflection-free viewing and ergonomic programming. 

To facilitate servicing the TProfessional Standard housing can be completely removed from the chassis.



Important: Prior to connecting the TProfessional Standard to the mains, make sure that the 

setting of the Voltage selector is in accordance with your mains Voltage. 


The TProfessional Standard Thermocycler can operate at 100, 115 or 230 Volt. The operation 

Voltage is shown on the Voltage selector which is located at the instrument bottom. 


To change operation Voltage of the TProfessional Standard, switch off the instrument and 

disconnect the mains plug.  


Use a coin or another round shape item to turn the adjustment slot of the Voltage selector to the 

new Voltage. 




/ condition like new, ready to use.

/ incl. power cord and manual instruction


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